Apollo Mission

On his Apollo mission in 1968, astronaut Bill Anders shot one of the most well-known photographs of the Earth—“Earthrise.” It became a symbol for the fragility of the Earth and an icon for the environmental movement that soon followed.


In 1884 Ottmar Mergenthaler patented the Linotype machine in the United States. With it characters are cast in type metal as a complete line rather than as individual characters.

Shaft Drill

The advent of improved drilling technology made the extraction of geological resources easier. However, today we have almost stretched the limits of the earth’s system to its breaking point.

Diesel Engine

In the early twentieth century, most ships were powered by coal and steam. The first diesel engine was built by Rudolf Diesel in 1897. It became part of almost all types of ships and a driving force of globalization.

Solar Energy

Due to destructive environmental consequences carbon-based energy systems should slowly be replaced by sources with low to zero carbon dioxide emissions such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.