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Activists use their bodies to prevent the cutting of trees.

The US Price-Anderson Act limits the liability of the nuclear industry in the event of an nuclear accident.

The All-Russian Society for the Protection of Nature (VOOP) becomes the first major Russian environmental organization.

The Act recognizes the need for sustainable forest management.

The fire destroys much of Chicago and kills hundreds of people.

The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment becomes the first UN conference focused solely on the global environment.

This report by the US Atomic Energy Commission estimates the possible damage from a meltdown at a large nuclear reactor.

The American diplomat and philologist George Perkins Marsh publishes Man and Nature.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, projects aimed at improving ship-based commerce by connecting various rivers boomed. One such project was the establishment of an Elbe-Vltava-Danube canal, which, however, was never completed.

The history of the Danube regulation in the Austrian Machland during the 19th century shows the enormous efforts made to transform a dynamic river landscape into a navigable waterway and a stable floodplain that supports the various human demands.