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"The Politics of Conservation: Sonaha, Riverscape in the Bardia National Park and Buffer Zone, Nepal"

Sudeep Jana Thing, Roy Jones, and Christina Birdsall Jones investigate the recent participatory turn in nature conservation policy and practices through an ethnographic investigation of the experiences of the marginalised Sonaha (indigenous people of the Bardia region) in relation to the conservation discourses, policies, and practices of the Bardia National Park authorities in the Nepalese lowland.

"Looking Back to Move Forward: Using History to Understand the Consensual Forest Management Model in the Terai, Nepal"

This paper attempts to explore the historic impacts of forest politics and policy on social equity and ecology in Nepal’s Terai region. It is suggested that past forest politics and policies may continue to influence the forest bureaucracy in Nepal and, hence, shape present-day forest management in the Terai.