"Understanding of and Vision for the Environmental Humanities"

by Hutchings, Rich | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Hutchings, Rich. "Understanding of and Vision for the Environmental Humanities." Environmental Humanities 4, no. 1 (2014): 213-220. doi:10.1215/22011919-3615007.

My personal vision for the Environmental Humanities is to see increased focus in three overlapping areas: (a) holistic critical theory, specifically the union of natural and cultural “critical heritage studies” ; (b) critical pedagogy, particularly the merging of natural and cultural heritage pedagogies, including efforts toward recognizing teaching as action and the classroom as “the field”  and “decolonizing” the classroom via holistic and critical environmental education; and (c) heritage stewardship, including critical analysis of “resource management” and the development and implementation of alternative approaches. (Text from author)

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