"The Global Challenge of Climate Change: Reflections from Australian and Nordic Museums"

Robin, Libby | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Robin, Libby. “The Global Challenge of Climate Change: Reflections from Australian and Nordic Museums.” reCollections 6, no. 2 (October 2011). 


In this short review essay I compare two major museum exhibitions on climate change that rely heavily on the IPCC models: Uppdrag Klimat (Mission: Climate Earth), at the Royal Natural History Museum in Stockholm (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet), Sweden; and EcoLogic, at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. The first is a natural history museum and the second a social history museum; the exhibitions in each place build on their strengths. I then consider two other museum initiatives: Northern Worlds, at the National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseet), Copenhagen, running from 2009 to 2013; and Isens arkeologi — funn fra fonner i fjellet (The Archaeology of Ice — Finds from a Frozen Past), opening at the Cultural History Museum of the University of Oslo (Kulturhistorisk Museum) on 8 September 2011, as part of the museum’s 200-year jubilee celebrations. Both of these display local research in archaeology and the history of human societies, thus reframing some of the global change questions. (Excerpt from the article)

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