United Nations


The United Nations Seabed Arms Control Treaty

In 1971, the United Nations initiates the ratification of the Seabed Arms Control Treaty, which protects the world’s seabeds from the introduction of nuclear weapons and waste.


Stockholm Declaration of 1972 Broadly Recognizes Global Environmental Issues

The Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm signifies the first time that environmental issues were formally recognized on the global stage, and guidelines to address these problems were endorsed by 113 countries.

Kelsey, Elin, "Integrating Multiple Knowledge Systems into Environmental Decision-Making: Two Case Studies of Participatory Biodiversity Initiatives in Canada and Their Implications for Conceptions"

Drawing upon two case studies of biodiversity initiatives in Canada, this paper looks at the role that constructivist conceptions of education play in the integration of alternative knowledge systems in environmental decision-making.