Autobahn Construction During the Nazi Regime

The Nazi regime embraces the construction of the Autobahn highway system. Although some of the initiatives appear to consider the environment, aesthetics are the primary motive—not conservation.


Earth First! Journal 15, no. 8

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Randy Ghent reports from the protests against MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber (PL) and its proposed logging in the Headwaters Grove, James Barnes discusses the Emergency Salvage Timber Sale Program rider (part of Public Law 104-19), and Michelle Stewart calls for attention to the threat of Hyundai to the Oregon Wetlands.

Driven Wild: How the Fight against Automobiles Launched the Modern Wilderness Movement

In Driven Wild, Paul Sutter traces the intellectual and cultural roots of the modern wilderness movement from about 1910 through the 1930s, with tightly drawn portraits of four Wilderness Society founders—Aldo Leopold, Robert Sterling Yard, Benton MacKaye, and Bob Marshall. Each man brought a different background and perspective to the advocacy for wilderness preservation, yet each was spurred by a fear of what growing numbers of automobiles, aggressive road building, and the meteoric increase in Americans turning to nature for their leisure would do to the country’s wild places.