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More Than Honey

This film focuses on the causes of the decimation of honey bees and their hives around the globe, a phenomenon called “colony collapse disorder,” and its consequences for not only the economy but for humans’ very survival.

"Socio-Ecological Transformation from Rural into a Residential Landscape in the Matadepera Village (Barcelona Metropolitan Region), 1956-2008"

In this study the authors offer an analysis of the socio-ecological transformation of Matadepera, a wealthy suburb of metropolitan Barcelona that evolved out of a rural village inhabited by poor peasants who farmed rain-fed cropland and managed the forest.

"Some Reflections on the Causes and Effects of the Global Food Crisis"

This article aims to disclose the nature and underlying causes of the recent food crises focusing on both conjunctural and structural factors; to analyze the socio-economic and geopolitical impacts of food price increases; to identify the possible strategies to minimize the trade-off between the increase of agricultural production and the sustainable use of natural resources.