"'Removed from Nature': The Modern Idea of Human Exceptionality"

In the context of current concerns within the environmental humanities to challenge the idea that humans are somehow irreducible to nature, the authors in this article take up the much-neglected history of the idea of human exceptionality itself, arguing that this form of humanist discourse often forgets its own contingencies and instabilities, and its comprehensively violent inheritances.

"Human Niche Construction: Noongar Evidence in Pre-colonial Southwestern Australia"

Alison Lullfitz, Joe Dortch, Stephen D. Hopper, Carol Pettersen, Ron (Doc) Reynolds, and David Guilfoyle use the lens of Human Niche Construction theory to examine Noongar (an indigenous people of southwestern Australia) relationships with southwestern Australian flora, and suggest influences of these relationships on contemporary botanical patterns in this global biodiversity hotspot.