ALARM no. 12

This issue of the ALARM is produced by women only. It is dedicated to the struggle to smash down patriarchy and save the planet, expresses solidarity with activists struggling against capitalist-patriarchal devastation as womyn, and “affirms our existence and our power on the front lines of the resistance.” Aimee Mostwill discusses pregnancy, abortion, and overpopulation; Judi Bari explains “why I am not a misanthrope.”

Live Wild or Die! no. 2

In Live Wild or Die! no. 2 C. J. Hinke takes an extreme stand for saving trees; Dumpsterman, son of Waste King, describes the logic of dumpster diving; Vic Vac Sectomy and Tutti Toob Tyed argue for reproductive choice; and an unknown TV smasher offers tips on how to destroy televisions with steel pipes wrapped in duct tape.

Wild Earth 7, no. 1

In Wild Earth 7, no. 1 David Abram rediscovers our animal senses, Stephanie Kaza analyzes assumptions and stereotypes about human-nature relations, Connie Barlow reflects on the epic of evolution, and Christopher Manes reflects on a meaningful relationship with the wild.

Earth First! Journal 16, no. 1

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Leslie Hemstreet and Jim Flynn discuss why many former EF! activists walked away from the name Earth First!, Karyn Strickler writes on environmental politics and the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Kelpie Wilson discusses overpopulation in the twentieth century.

Earth First! 11, no. 5

In this issue of Earth First! “Slugthang” reports on the effort against the extinction of salmon on the Columbia River. In addition, Erik Ryberg discusses civil disobedience, Leslie Lyon stresses the lessons drawn from the Utah Wilderness Battle, and Christi Stevens analyzes the effects of human overpopulation.

Earth First! Journal 13, no. 7

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Karen Pickett reports about the actions against building on Mount Graham. In addition, Kelpie Wilson discusses overpopulation and politics, “Terra Prima! Victoria” calls for attention to the destruction of native lands in Brazil, and Vistara Parham problematizes the concept of grazing.

Earth First! Journal 13, no. 4

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Bill Hipwell gives an update on the monkeywrenching actions against helicopters to save wolves in Yukon Territory, northern Canada; Danielle Droitsch argues that Champion International’s Canton (North Carolina paper mill) poisons the Pigeon River; George Wuerthner discusses biodiversity and snails; and Elaine Lissner discusses non-hormonal male contraception.