"Optimal Monitoring Strategy to Detect Rule-breaking: A Power and Simulation Approach Parameterised with Field Data from Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone"

Sorrel Jones, Malcolm D. Burgess, Frazer Sinclair, Jeremy Lindsell and Juliet Vickery present new data on rule-breaking prevalence in Gola Rainforest National Park, Sierra Leone, and use these data in spatially explicit simulations to assess the survey effort and design required to detect change and assess the effect of rule-breaker behavior to these designs.

CAMPFIRE Project Zimbabwe

In an effort to promote the longevity of endangered species and the financial stability of communities in Zimbabwe, the Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) was founded. Hunters can pay for licensure to shoot one prized game animal in Zimbabwe, with proceeds going to wildlife conservation.


The Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon, once one of the most abundant birds in the world, is pushed to extinction in 1914 by deforestation and the commercial consumption of its meat.