Live Wild or Die! no. 8

Live Wild or Die! no. 8 shows the progressively radical vision of the magazine and the increasingly large chasm separating it from the mainstream of Earth First! It features musings about industrial society collapse, essays by John Zerzan and Ted Kaczynski, and reports on ELF actions and GMOs.

ALARM no. 6

In this issue of the ALARM, the editors explain the history of its name. Maine EF! brings up the subject of political violence against activists and tells the story of police brutality that occured against Mount Blue activists; Anne Petermann reports from the Earth First! invasion of the Conservation Congress in Bristol, Vermont; and Helkat welcomes new voices to the EF! movement.

ALARM no. 12

This issue of the ALARM is produced by women only. It is dedicated to the struggle to smash down patriarchy and save the planet, expresses solidarity with activists struggling against capitalist-patriarchal devastation as womyn, and “affirms our existence and our power on the front lines of the resistance.” Aimee Mostwill discusses pregnancy, abortion, and overpopulation; Judi Bari explains “why I am not a misanthrope.”

Live Wild or Die! no. 6

Live Wild or Die! no. 6 includes discussions of civil disobedience and demonstration tactics, rage against television, and an explanation of the negative environmental and health consequences of tampon use. In an introductory editorial, the editors clarify their non-violent intent.