anti-nuclear movement

Kalb, Martin, "'Rather Active Today than Radioactive Tomorrow!' Environmental Justice and the Anti-Nuclear Movement in 1970s Wyhl, West Germany"

This article applies new understandings of environmental justice theory to a specific local case study. It uses a broader conception of environmental justice theory to further our understanding of the rise of the German anti-nuclear movement.

Earth First! 28, no. 2

Earth First! 28, no. 2 features news from the Colorado resistance front against the oil and gas industry, from the No Borders Camp and its resistance against the US-Mexico border policy, and from the EF! circles and their endeavours to "evolve" the movement.

Earth First! 27, no. 6

In Earth First! 27, no. 6 activists report on defending wilderness in Iceland, Brazil's movement of landless workers, the 2007 Wild Earth gathering, monkeywrenching caterpillars, reclaiming land rights in Canada, and new biofuel made out of forest biomass.

Earth First! Journal 14, no. 7

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Della-Mae Hellbender reports about the arrest of 58 activists at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant. In addition, Howard Armstrong calls for attention to the struggles of Dineh (Navajo) families to stay on their land at the Big Mountain, Arizona, and Al Gedicks and Zoltan Grossman give an update on the Exxon Mineral Company's return to Wisconsin.