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To live among the stars always meant solving the down-to-earth problem of sustainable waste management.

Have you ever wondered what big data baseball has to do with air pollution? In Episode 7 of Crosscurrents, host John Sandlos speaks with Dr. Anthony Heyes, an environmental economist researching the impact of urban air pollution.

Episode 6 of Crosscurrents features talks and short interviews from the Climate Change and Energy Futures workshop. The 2018 workshop imagined futures related to climate change and energy, with attention to the social values that underlie decision-making in a carbon-constrained world.

A constructed park’s history clashes with how citizens see and use that space.

Sybille Heidenreich takes the reader on a journey through art history with an “ecological eye.” Looking at examples of Dürer, Monet, and Van Gogh, she offers insight into the emergence of present-day ecological crises and valuable food for thought on issues of sustainability.

Symbioses is an interdisciplinary research network that connects life scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars working at the nexus of biology and social life.

Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene argues that the current climate crisis calls for new ways of thinking and producing knowledge, suggesting that our collective inclination has been to go on in an experimental and exploratory mode, in which we refuse to foreclose on options or jump too quickly to “solutions.”

The Power and the Water: Connecting Pasts with Futures examines the nature of environmental connectivities since industrialization and how their legacies challenge us in the early 21st century.

Vital Reenchantments takes up E. O. Wilson’s Biophilia (1984), James Lovelock’s Gaia (1979), and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (1980), to show how each work fleshes out scientific concepts with attention to “affective wonder.”

Contributing authors examine what happens when we cease to assume that only humans exert agency, by considering animals and vegetables as agents rather than mere objects.