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Earth First! 12, no. 6

In this issue of Earth First! John Green gives an update on the campaign against the timber giant Louisiana-Pacific in the Albion River, Northern California. In addition, an anonymous EF!er responds to Huey Johnson’s editorial on hunting and spirituality, and Erkki Saro reports about the logging plans of old growth forests in Finnish Lapland.

"Postponed Leap in Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Impact of Energy Efficiency, Fuel Choices, and Industrial Structure on the Finnish Energy Economy, 1800–2005"

Finland first mad the switch from indigenous energy sources—fuel wood, wood refuse, and hydropower—to imported fossil fuels in the 1960s, during a hightened phase of industrialization. This article is an analysis of developments leading up to this change.


This chapter of the “Wilderness Babel” exhibition, written by historian Mikko Saikku, explores central concepts for understanding the traditional Finnish relationship with nature and use of natural resources.

"A Dense and Sickly Mist from Thousands of Bog Fires: An Attempt to Compare the Energy Consumption in Slash-and-Burn Cultivation and Burning Cultivation of Peatlands in Finland in 1820–1920"

Burning cultivation of peatlands has been practised in peat-rich countries at one time or other throughout Western Europe. In these and other peat-rich countries, the inclusion of the emissions from burning cultivation could substantially alter historical carbon dioxide emission estimates.