Ukiah Earth First! Newsletter, 1989

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Ukiah, CA Newsletter 1989, First Page

Earth First! Newsletter. 1989. Republished by the Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library.

This newsletter showcases the long-lasting battles between Earth First! and the logging industry, as well as the variety of tactics they employed against the destruction of wilderness.

"Sanctuary Forest. . . is again being threatened with clearcutting. Last fall this area was valiantly defended by blockaders who faced loggers attempting to fell trees on them, a truck running their picket line and injuring a protester, and cops clubbing the heads of high school students. . . Now, less than a year later, the rapacious Eel River Sawmills has resubmitted virtually the same timber harvest plan on the same grove. . ."

"Opposition to Maxxam's forest extermination program is taking place on all levels. Smoke bombs recently went off at the company's Marin sales office, and a Maxxam forester received a creme pie in the face when he tried to address a forestry forum in San Francisco."

--Earth First! Ukiah

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