Through the Heart of the Rockies and Selkirks

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Through the Heart of the Rockies and Selkirks. Cover.

Through the Heart of the Rockies and Selkirks. Cover. (Williams, Mabel Bertha. Ottawa: Department of the Interior, 1929. Published by the branch under its earlier name, Dominion Parks Branch. Public domain.)

This image appears in: MacEachern, Alan. “MB Williams: Living & Writing the Early Years of Parks Canada.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2018, no. 2. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

Mountain ranges that combine sublimity and beauty in equal measure are few in number. Among these for centuries the Alps have stood pre-eminent. In the last half century, however, a new mountain region, The Canadian Rockies, equalling the Alps in mingled beauty and grendeur yet with a marked individuality and character of its own, has been opened to the world. It is a little more than forty years since the Canadian Pacific Railway unlocked the long closed door to the Canadian mountains. Already their fame has spread to all parts of the world and each year sees an increasing stream of travel from every country under the sun coming to admire the wonders of the glorious ranges. Yet, there is no danger of the Rockies becoming overcrowded. Their extent is so tremendous that they may well serve as the playground of almost unlimited numbers. (Text from Chapter 1)

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