Soils2Sea: Reducing Nutrient Loadings Into the Baltic Sea

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Sound & Vision

Berrini, Anne. Soils2Sea: Reducing Nutrient Loadings Into the Baltic Sea. Berlin, Germany: Berrini Films, 2016. Color, 33 min.

Soils2Sea: Reducing nutrient loadings into the Baltic Sea illustrates the societal story of implementing the EU’s nitrate directive at regional realities in the EU member states, and in particularly in the Kocinka catchment area in south central Poland. (..) Filmed across several small and larger scale farms in the Kocinka catchment, the film features perceptions, interpretations, and suggestions for actions by farmers, water treatment specialists, local policy makers, and scientists from an observatory perspective. The film also pays attention to Poland’s unique historical, socio-cultural-political circumstances in farming while tracing potential local level solutions that seek to reduce Poland’s share of agricultural pollution to the Baltic Sea. (Source: Ecologic Institute EU)