Prince Albert National Park

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Prince Albert National Park. Cover.

Prince Albert National Park. Cover (Williams, Mabel Bertha. Ottawa: Department of the Interior, 1928. Originally published by the branch under its earlier name, Dominion Parks Branch. Public domain.)

This image appears in: MacEachern, Alan. “MB Williams: Living & Writing the Early Years of Parks Canada.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2018, no. 2. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

It is here, with one gateway opening to the Prairies, that the Dominion Government has recently established the new national playground, “Prince Albert Park.” The reserve is a generous one covering approximately forty-four townships and including about 1,868 square miles. This beautiful lake and woodland region, characteristic of much of the northern part of Canada, will not only provide a rich recreational area for this section of the Dominion, but it adds another interesting example of typical Canadian scenery to the magnificent system of public reservations already set aside in Canada’s National Parks. (Text from Chapter 1)

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