Photograph: Tequendama Falls, n.d.

Jiménez, Gumersindo Cuéllar | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Archival Gems

Gumersindo Cuéllar Jiménez, Salto de Tequendama. Cundinamarca, Colombia, S. A.

Salto de Tequendama. Cundinamarca, Colombia, S. A. (Photograph by Gumersindo Cuéllar Jiménez. © Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango. Banco de la República de Colombia. Courtesy of Mario Cuéllar Bobadilla.)

This image appears in: Gallini, Stefania, Laura Felacio, Angélica Agredo, and Stephanie Garcés. “The City’s Currents: A History of Water in 20th-Century Bogotá.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2014, no. 3. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

Pollution also put an end to recreational traditions such as trips to rivers for swimming and sightseeing, once very much celebrated by travelers and locals. An important symbol of this cultural and environmental loss is the transformation of the Tequendama Waterfall (Salto de Tequendama), a majestic waterfall located approximately 2,400 MASL, 30 kilometers southwest of Bogotá. Once a tourist attraction and an object of regional pride, acclaimed for the purity of its waters and the grandness of its view, the waterfall is now a striking spectacle of the dramatic environmental degradation of the Bogotá River. Visitors are no longer attracted to the breathtaking sights because of the shocking smell of the dark waters.

—Stefania Gallini, Laura Felacio, Angélica Agredo, and Stephanie Garcés

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