"The Phenomenology of Animal Life"

Lestel, Dominique, Jeffrey Bussolini, and Matthew Chrulew | from Multimedia Library Collection:

Lestel, Dominique, Jeffrey Bussolini, and Matthew Chrulew. “The Phenomenology of Animal Life.” Environmental Humanities 5, no. 1 (2014): 125-48. doi:10.1215/22011919-3615442.

This paper presents a bi-constructivist approach to the study of animal life, which is opposed to the realist-Cartesian paradigm in which most ethology operates. The method is elaborated through the examples of a knot-tying orangutan in a Paris zoo and chile-eating cats in a New York apartment. We show that, when grounded in the operational framework of the phenomenological approach, the interpretation of animal life acquires a much more robust character than is usually supposed. (Text from author’s abstract)

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