Object Oriented Environs

Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome, and Julian Yates, eds. | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Object Oriented Environs. Cover.

Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome, and Julian Yates, eds. Object Oriented Environs. California: punctum books, 2016.

Object Oriented Environs is the lively archive of a critical confluence between the environmental turn so vigorous within early modern studies, and thing theory (object oriented ontology, vibrant materialism, the new materialism, and speculative realism). The book unfolds a conversation that attempts to move beyond anthropocentrism and examine nonhumans at every scale, their relations to each other, and the ethics of human enmeshment within an agentic material world. The diverse essays, reflections, images, and ephemera collected here offer a laboratory for probing the mystery and potential autonomy of objects, in their alliances and in performance. (Text from punctum books)

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