Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 25

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Earth First! Movement Writings

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 25. Front Page.

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 25 (Fall 1997). Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library.

This issue of Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter features stories on the cultural evolution of Headwaters Forest, the Coho Salmon, and an update on Judi Bari’s lawsuit. 

If you haven’t heard about how a Texas entrepreneur named Charles Hurwitz stole Pacific Lumber Company and is now liquidating the redwood forest to pay the interest on his personal debt from the Savings & Loan scam, you should know about it. It is also good to stay up to date-on the lawyers and hard-working citizen groups trying to take the forest back before it’s too late. But there’s more than that going on in Headwaters Forest.

— Reverend Fly

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