Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 19

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 19. Front Page.

Mendocino Environmental Center, Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 19 (Spring 1995). Republished by the Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library.

This issue of Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter features headlines such as “The War Is Over!,” “Legal Update — Headwaters Still Threatened!,” and “The Economic Aspects of Ecoforestry.”

Besides, who could believe a war has come and gone when nary a shot was fired, nary a bomb was dropped? Who could conceive that a world war has been lost when the flags of all the world’s countries still fly high and proud? Who could imagine that the Third World War would be done quietly, without fighting, without fanfare of any sort?

— Gary Ball

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