Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 12

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Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 12. Front Page.

Mendocino Environmental Center, Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Issue 12 (Summer/Fall 1992). Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library.

 In this issue of Mendocino Environmental Center Newsletter, Gary Ball discusses the possibility of World War III and introduces the Wise Use Movement, while Claude Steiner writes about Mendocino’s new landfill. 

Table of Contents:

  • World War III: Preview of the Wise Use
  • Annual Board Meeting and Elections: Call for Candidates
  • AB 939 Recycling Plan: Waste Diversion
  • Cahto Wilderness Case Resumes: Help Save the Cahto
  • Meet The Wise Use Movement: Intro to the Wise Use Movement
  • OEDP Committee: The Economic Plan Process
  • Albion Protestors in Court: L-P Charges Trespass
  • Participate In Map Rap: Map Rap Manual Available
  • Wise Use Nuts & Bolts: Exploring the Wise Use
  • To Fill or Not to Fill: The Case for Zero Waste
  • What’s Happening at the MEC?: Issue Updates
  • Hackers Wanted: CompuMentor Volunteers
  • Global California: Sustainable Development Conference
  • Remineralization for the Earth: New Product Available
  • Wlse Use Movement Lists:Organizations in the Wise Use Movement

It may be difficult to believe, as you sit peacefully reading this newsletter, that we are already in the midst of World War III.

— Gary Ball

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