"Kielder: The Story of a Man-made Landscape"

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Oosthoek, Jan. “Podcast 49: Kielder: The Story of a Man-made Landscape.” Exploring Environmental History Podcast, 22 February 2013. MP3, 25.11. http://www.eh-resources.org/podcast/podcast2011.html.

Around the world, rural landscapes have been transformed by human activity as never before. In England, one of the most striking locations of such anthropogenic changes is Kielder Forest and Water in Northumberland. Since the 1920s, this site has seen a massive tree planting effort, creating one of the largest man-made forests in Western Europe. During the 1970s a large dam and reservoir were constructed at Kielder in order to create a secure water supply for the industries at Teeside. As a result Kielder has witnessed significant and dramatic environmental changes over the course of the twentieth century, as it was transformed from a pastoral agricultural landscape, to that of a commercial forest and finally it received the addition of a large man-made lake. To tease out how people have experienced and perceived the man-made environment of Kielder, the Kielder Oral History Project was conducted. On this episode of the podcast, the two researchers who carried out the Oral History project, Professor David Moon and Dr Leona Skelton discuss some of their findings.

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