Historical GIS Research in Canada

Bonnell, Jennifer and Marcel Fortin | from Multimedia Library Collection:
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Historical GIS Research in Canada. Cover.

Bonnell, Jennifer, and Marcel Fortin, eds. Historical GIS Research in Canada. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2014. 

Fundamentally concerned with place, and our ability to understand human relationships with environment over time, Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS) as a tool and a subject has direct bearing for the study of contemporary environmental issues and realities. To date, HGIS projects in Canada are few and publications that discuss these projects directly even fewer. This book brings together case studies of HGIS projects in historical geography, social and cultural history, and environmental history from Canada’s diverse regions. Projects include religion and ethnicity, migration, indigenous land practices, rebuilding a nineteenth-century neighborhood, and working with Google Earth. (Source: University of Calgary Press)

The Canadian History and Environment series explores topical issues in Canadian history as seen through an environmental lens, and is published in partnership with the Network in Canadian History & Environment/Nouvelle initiative canadienne en histoire de l’environnement (NiCHE)