Hellbender Journal 3, no. 2

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Hellbender Journal 3, no. 2. Front Cover.

Curry, Susan and James Kleissler, eds., Hellbender Journal 3, no. 2 (Fall 1997). Republished by the Environment and Society Portal. Multimedia Library. http://www.environmentandsociety.org/node/8178.

Table of Contents

  • Federal Court Delays Mortality II
  • Student Tent-In Reaches Hundreds
  • A Centennial Act for our Beleaguered National Forests
  • Tree Fruit by Margaret Young
  • News From the “Nation’s Oldest (And Apparently Senile) Superhighway”
  • Hemlock Sanctuary
  • State Forests Update
  • Certified Logging on Public Lands!?!?
  • North America’s Largest Paper Mill Beaten to a Pulp?
  • Hematite: In Defense of Our Forests
  • Message From a Tiny Green Worm
  • Late Body Earthby Theresa Darling
  • Mayburg, PA: Soon to be a Memory?
  • The Spirit of Minister Valley
  • What I Saw at the Forest Defenders Gathering, Fall 97
  • Citizens Respond to Mortality II Decision
  • Earth Note44 by Ed Bortz
  • Mortality II Decision Delays Other Timber Sales!
  • Wolves, Fiction, and the Allegheny
  • Mac-Bio Buys the Neighbor, hood
  • Wild Species Endangered - the Fisher
  • Allegheny National Forest Watch - Take Action!
  • Eyes on the Forest Service
  • Allegheny Defense Project Contacts/Coordinators

We’ve put the law to the test and have experienced great success. We can feel the vibrations as the movement to defend our eastern forests builds. Citizens have risked freedom for the old growth forests of Virginia, struggled hard to keep Parsons & Whittemore out of West Virginia, fought long to defend their homes and woods from corporate giants like Collins-Pine and Willamette Industries, plugged away to defend the Allegheny from the hands of the mis-managers at the Forest Service, and put the pens to work generating funds to keep the Allegheny movement alive. All of this hard work equates to great accomplishments, increased public awareness, a more sustainable movement for the protection of our forests, and a lively, fun, and informative Hellbender Journal! You all rock!

— Susan Curry and James Kleissler

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