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H-Environment. Homepage.

H-Environment (website). https://networks.h-net.org/h-environment/.

H-Environment is a network of scholars and others interested in the rapidly growing field of Environmental History. Part of H-NET, the Humanities & Social Sciences Online initiative, H-Environment is supported by organizations of professional historians including the American Society for Environmental History and the European Society for Environmental History. Environmental historians seek an understanding of the range of human interactions with the physical environment in the past. H-Net is an international consortium of scholars in the humanities and social sciences that creates and coordinates electronic networks, using a variety of media, and with a common objective of advancing humanities and social science teaching and research. H-Net was created to provide a positive, supportive, egalitarian environment for the friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources. H-Environment is edited by field experts approved by the network board and certified by H-Net’s Executive Council. (Text adapted from H-Environment: About this Network)

The H-Environment Resources page collates journals and articles, cross-network projects, and research resources. The Reviews section features reviews of popular and contemporary titles in Environmental History, and discussions can be initiated by members.