Episode 4: "Environmental Justice on the Hamilton Waterfront"

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Kheraj, Sean. “Episode 04: Environmental Justice on the Hamilton Waterfront.” Nature’s Past Podcast, 16 March 2009. MP3, 26:17. http://niche-canada.org/2009/03/16/natures-past-episode-4-environmental-justice-on-the-hamilton-waterfront/.

The typical model of environmental justice literature focuses on cases in which local communities fight to have governments recognize their neighbourhoods as environmentally hazardous and fix the problem. Ken Cruikshank and Nancy Bouchier’s research on the environmental history of the Hamilton waterfront, Ontario, since 1955 turns this story around by looking at who determines the environmental health of a community. Additionally Graeme Wynn and Emily Jane Davis talk about NiCHE’s Forest History Cluster.

Environmental Justice on the Hamilton Waterfront (24.07 MB)

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Nature’s Past podcasts are posted on a monthly basis on the website of the Network in Canadian History & Environment / Nouvelle initiative Canadienne en histoire de l’environnement (NiCHE). The podcasts contain discussion about the environmental history community and research in Canada. They are hosted by Sean Kheraj, an assistant professor in the Department of History at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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