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Ecoartspace is a nonprofit platform providing opportunities for artists who address the human/nature relationship in the visual arts. Since 1999 they have collaborated with over 150 organizations to produce more than 40 exhibitions, 100 programs, working with 500 + artists in 15 states nationally and 8 countries internationally. Currently they are developing a media archive of video interviews with artists and a series of ACTION Guides of replicable social practice public art projects for educators. (Text from Ecoartspace)

Ecoartspace is a platform for disseminating news and information about the interconnection between art and ecology in the United States. The posts pertain to member initiatives, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, Curator/Artist-in-Residence opportunities, and art projects. The website also features Ecoart links and a video archive. The Ecoartspace Action Guides section is a collection of ten art and ecology learning guides made by different artists. Each guide aims to present replicable social art projects for educators. The blog is administrated by Patricia Watts, founder and west coast/midwest curator, and Amy Lipton, east coast curator and director of the Ecoartspace NYC.