Earth First! Journal 31, no. 4

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Journal 31, no. 4

Aguamala, Panagioti, Russ, Jackie, and Tony, eds., Earth First! Journal 31, no. 4 (September 2011). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.


  • Profiles of Provocateurs: An Analysis of Three Provocateurs, Hired by the State, to Entrap Environmental and Anarchist Activists
  • Evo on the Rocks: Decepcíon in Bolivia
  • An EF!ers Guide to Citizen Monitoring of Water Pollution Discharge Permits
  • GPS Tracking: Discovering, Dismantling and Fighting Back
  • Designed to Kill, Border Policy and How to Change It: A Review and Invite
  • Corrections, Apologies and other Assorted Groveling
  • Blue Anarchy and the EF! Journal
  • A Message from the Coal River Treesit
  • Canopy Occupation Against Coal: West Virginians with the RAMPS Campaign Take their Fight to the Trees
  • Mountain Justice and Solidarity for Virginia’s Coalfield Communities
  • Action Halts Snowbowl Construction on the Sacred Peaks
  • Hands Off Country: Gas Madness and Resistance in Western Australia
  • What is ALEC? A Call to Action from O’odham Lands
  • The Battle of Millicoma: Forest Defenders are Back in the Elliot
  • Trans & Womyn’s Action Camp Report Back: Lewddites Unite!
  • Loxahatchee: An Eco-Terroristic Science-Fiction Adventure of Interplanetary Insurgency and Revenge
  • Armed with Visions: Poetry of Lust & Wilderness
  • Casey Neill Interview
  • Prisoner Bio: Eric McDavid
  • Review of Deep Green Resistance
  • Prison Solidarity Hunger Strike
  • Political Prisoner Directory
  • Earth First!-Mad Libs: Use Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs, Body Parts and Your Favorite Cuss Words to Complete the Story War for the Wild
  • Minimum Security Comics
  • Dear Shit Fer Brains

Do you like clean water for salmon, sturgeon, lamprey, otters, manatees, gators, osprey, and dippers? It’s also the stuff those bi-pedal fuckers with thumbs drink to live, so it’s possible that might appeal to you. Or not, I’m also down with misanthropy. As you no doubt have figured out, the water throughout the world ain’t always that clean. The streams, wetlands, oceans and critters would really like it to be cleaner though, and so would I. 

— American Dipper

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