Earth First! Journal 31, no. 3

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Journal 31, no. 3

Aguamala, Panagioti, Russ, and Jackie, eds., Earth First! Journal 31, no. 3 (May/July 2011). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.


  • Could the Jaguar Be Poised for Recovery in the US
  • Breaking the Silence: Ecocide and Renewal in Iraq’s Marshlands
  • Declaration of Patihuitz: Indigenous and Campesino Perspectives on Climate Change and False Solutions
  • Into the Muskeg Swamps of Northern Alberta
  • Wild Foraging in Appalachia
  • Born Fighting: An Interview with the Late Judy Bonds
  • Update from the Treetops: Report from Earth First! Humboldt
  • Tasmanian Forest Defense and Action Story
  • Dreams of the Big Wild: 2011 Invite to the EF! Rondy in the Northern Rockies
  • Report Back from Fisheating Creek: Stories and Poetry from this Years EF! Organizers’ Conference & Winter Rendezvous
  • Katuah Earth First! is Back!
  • The Armadillo Forest & the Bio-Economy: The Joys and Nightmares of South Florida Forest Defense
  • Earth First! News & Updates from the Frontlines
  • Grandma Edna Gordon: A Message from this Seneca Wisdom-Keeper on Native Land Rights at Glen Cove
  • How the EF! Did the Everglades Get Stuck with the Journal?
  • The Near Death Experience of an Editor and a Journal
  • A Year in the Industrial Nightmare: From Gulf Oil Disaster to Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan
  • Road Occupations & Free States
  • Road Spikes: The Details on How to Catch the Soft Underbelly of Earth Destroying Machines with Rebar and a Hacksaw
  • My Name is Emma… A Call to Renew the Earth First! Spirit of Love and Support for Eco-Sabotage
  • Helen Woodsom
  • Political Prisoner Birthdays
  • Minimum Security Comics
  • Poetry: Armed with Visions
  • Dear Shit Fer Brains
  • Horoscope: For this Summer Solstice…
  • Crossword Puzzle

No one has the right to toxify a river.
No one has the right to pollute the air.
No one has the right to drive a creature to extinction nor destroy a species’ habitat.
No one has the right to profit from the labor or misery of another.
No one has the right to steal resources from another.

— Derrick Jensen

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