Earth First! Journal 20, no. 4

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Fist, Volume 20

Cliff, Emma, et al., eds., Earth First! Journal 20, no. 4 (20 March 2000). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Earth First! Journal Patrick Reinsborough tells the story of the U’wa (“the thinking people”) and their long fight against Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum’s (Oxy) effort to drill on their land in Colombia. In addition, Mariposa discusses civil disobedience and how being arrested can lead to empowerment, and Howie Wolke calls for attention to saving the Sapphire roadless area in Western Montana.   

The U’wa grabbed international headlines in 1996 when they vowed to commit collective suicide rather than allow their homeland to be desecrated by oil drilling. Since then a growing international movement has emerged to support their uncompromising resistance.

— Patrick Reinsborough

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