Earth First! Journal 16, no. 8 [misprinted as no. 7]

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Fist, Volume 16

Echt, Darryl, et al., eds., Earth First! Journal 16, no. 8 [misprinted as no. 7] (21 September 1996). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Earth First! Journal  Jeanne Patton gives an update on the protests against factory, held together with Greenpeace. In addition, Kimberly Dawn contributes the second part of her interview with Earth First! activist Peg Millett (part 1. in 16, no. 7), and Radcon presents ideas on how to virtually boycott the world.  

A hyper-boycott is a more effective form of the traditional boycott. Simply choose a company that needs to be boycotted. These will only need to fit one o my three easy criteria: 1) Involves currency; 2) Has a roof, wheels, window, or products; 3) Has workers. Don’t get too picky about who needs the hyper-boycott because the fact is ALL businesses fuck up Gaia.

— Radcon

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