Earth First! Introductory Primer, 1990

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! 1990. First Page.

Earth First! No Compromise in the Defense of Mother Earth.” Earth First! Journal. Missoula, MT. 1990: 1-8. Republished by the Environment and Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

Lobbying, lawsuits, letter writing, and research papers are important and necessary. But they are not enough. Earth First!ers also use confrontation, guerilla theater, direct action and civil disobedience to fight for wild places and life processes. And while we do not condone or condemn monkeywrenching, ecotage, or other forms of property destruction, we do present a forum for the exchange of ideas on creative opposition to the juggernaut of “progress”, including ideas about monkeywrenching.

Earth First! No Compromise in the Defense of Mother Earth

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