Earth First! 8, no. 2

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! Fist, Volume Eight

Foreman, Dave, et al., eds., Earth First! 8, no. 2 (22 December 1987). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

In this issue of Earth First!, Daniel Conner brings forward a controversial discussion about AIDS as a solution to environmental problems, as its projections of worldwide mortality could reduce human population.

This is not to say that any environmentalist would dream of joining forces with the Hitlers and Pol Pots of the world to become active agents of population reduction; yet it is no secret that few radical environmentalists would miss the irony if, just as we are about to proclaim the conquest of infectious disease and our general domination of nature, Earth should rise and shake the flies off its back. 

— Daniel Conner

Apart from this contribution, this issue features an essay on the real meaning of deep ecology, Denise Voelker updates from the Penan people’s blockades against logging activities in the Malaysian rainforest, and Steve Johnson reports from the attempts to reintroduce the Mexican Wolf into the United States. 

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