Earth First! 31, no. 2

from Multimedia Library Collection:
Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! 31, no. 2

Aguamala, Panagioti, Russ, and Sasha, eds., Earth First! 31, no. 2 (February 2011). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.


  • Let us Praise Infamous Animals 
    Beasts of burden take matters into their own hands!
  • Run Free with the Buffalo or Die
    The Buffalo Field Campaign continues to fight for the last wild giants of the prairie.
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Prairie
    As industrial agriculture expands, prairies and their inhabitants disappear.
  • Fighting for the Forests
    Grassy Narrows First Nations Story.
  • Eco Tea-Sippers’ International Conspiracy (Part II)
    The conclusion to the harrowing tale of the original Green Scare.
  • Twenty-Five Ways to Make Love to the Earth 
    No compromise in Defense of Lover Earth!
  • Verboten: Forbidden Interview with the SHAC7 
    A roundtable interview forbidden by the State.
  • Staying Put and Telling Tales
    History and resistance to MTE in Appalachia.
  • Moving Stuff for the Revolution
    A brief history of the Seeds of Piece Collective and the art of logistical support.
  • Khimki Forest Defense
    Russian anarchists pick up the monkey wrench (and the molotov) in a standoff with the State and Nazi thugs to save the wild. 
  • Rising Tide’s Tenth Anniversary
    Climate Justice from coast to coast and around the world.
  • A Field Guide to False Solutions
    There are lots of elixirs to cure climate change. Which one are you swallowing?
  • Thirty Things (Part II)
    Mick’s picks on the does and ya better don’ts during an action.
  • Ape Crusaders
    Direct action for the Orangutans in Borneo. 
  • The Birth of Grassroots Biodiversity Groups
    From direct action to legal victory.
  • Action Stories
    30 years of hilarious mishaps, outlandish beavior and good, solid action.
  • Who Defines Earth First!
    Surveillance, representation, and the radical environmental movement. 
  • Revisiting Uncle Ted
    A closer look at “the Unabomber.”
  • Borders & Bodies
    Notes on the impacts of borders on communities and biological diversity, from Arizona to Florida. 
  • Where Are They Now?
    Tracking down the old guard.
  • Fallen Warriors
    Honoring the dead so that out of loss comes regeneration.
  • Wounmainkat
    Sacred ecology from a Wayuu perspective. 
  • Notes on Liberation
    Former press officers of the Earth Liberation Front discuss the Green Scare.
  • Three Days that Shook the New World Order
    The L.A. riots ‘92 demonized in the mainstream media, look different from a radical ecological perspective. 
  • The Rewilding
    Getting back to nature.
  • Leave Us Alone
    A critique of globalization and modern civilization by a West Papuan tribesperson. 
  • Quebec City
    An anarcha-feminist pagan analysis of mass mobilizations and the debate over violence and non-violence.  

The world is a wild place. Even now, enshrouded in a crust of asphalt and concrete, forests leveled for a bestiary of condominiums and golf courses, grinning missiles of commerce and war looming over fallow rivers and silenced fields. 

— Jesse Wolf Hardin

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