Earth First! 31, no. 1

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Earth First! Movement Writings

Earth First! 31, no. 1

Aguamala, Nettle, Panagioti, Russ, and Sasha, eds., Earth First! 31, no. 1 (1 November 2010). Republished by the Environment & Society Portal, Multimedia Library.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial: Saturn Return
  • Wilding the Revolution
  • EF! at 30
  • Deep Green Resistance
  • This Was No Accident: The BP Oil Spill, Nigerian Rebels and the Future of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast
  • 1980-1984 Timeline
  • 1885-1989 Timeline
  • Evan Mecham Eco Tes-Sippers’ International Conspiracy: Another Perspective From the Arizona Bust
  • Action Story: Up with the Grizzlies
  • EF! Song: The FBI Stole My Fiddle
  • Action Story: Timber Wars in Southern Illionis
  • 1990-1994 Timeline
  • 1995-1999 Timeline
  • Earth First! in Britain: Twenty Years of Protest & Resistance 
  • 2000-2004 Timeline
  • 2005-2009 Timeline
  • Free State Analysis: Elliot Free State
  • Action Story: Crack Cake and Mono-Pods: The Story of The Horse Butte Capture Facility Blockade
  • 30 Pearls of Wisdom
  • The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Assault on Academic Freedom
  • Action Story: Buck Wild and Buck Naked: Jail Solidarity Gets Interesting
  • John R. Smith
  • Razing Arizona: The Ecological Battle Against Borders
  • An Interview with Ofelia Rivas
  • We Are Not Compliant People
  • Species Obituaries
  • A House on Fire: Connecting Biological and Linguistic Diversity Crises
  • Cultures of Resistance: Intro + Really Really Free Market
  • Cultures of Resistance: Food Not Bombs
  • Cultures of Resistance: Justseeds Artist Cooperative
  • Action Story: In Defense of Eagle Creek
  • Dear Ned Ludd + Dear Shit Fer Brains
  • Voices From the Marcellus Shale Resistance
  • Wild & Queer Ecologies + Fauna Cabala
  • Getting it Right for the Wolves, for the Earth
  • U’Wa Money King Communique
  • Tropical Andes Hotspot: Global Epicenter of Biodiversity
  • Afro-Colombians’ Displacement Crisis
  • The Religion of Economics
  • The Beehive Collective
  • Appalachian Destruction—The Fight Ahead
  • Warnerize Your Free State
  • Trans & Womyn’s Action Camp
  • Where Are They Now: Earth First! Old Guard
  • Waving the Earth First! Fist Around the World
  • An Image From the Future of Revolutionary Ecology: Greek Insurrection and the Eco-War to Come
  • Legal Lessons From the Green Scare
  • Rabia Y Accion
  • Prisoners among Us
  • Behind Bars with the Earth First! Journal
  • Fallen Warriors
  • It Takes a Village to Ride a Bike
  • A Voice From Black Mesa
  • Australian Indigenous Women’s Council
  • My Life as a Warrior Poet
  • Armed with Visions
  • Deep Ecology Poster
  • The Real Threat
  • Dead Reckoning: A Mexican Writer Comes to Terms With the Ghost of Edward Abbey
  • Florida: Dirty South, Global South
  • No Compromise in Defense of the Dark Side of the Moon!

Wilderness, the biodiversity of life that exists where sexual creativity flourishes is pansexual, polygendered, orgiastic, and playful. The sun engages the soil with titillating light, radiation, chemical explosion and the magnetism of its flaring body in a queer ecology that spreads across the Earth. 

— Etienne Doyle

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