Die Klimazwiebel

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Storch, Hans von, Eduardo Zorita, Reiner Grundmann, Dennis Bray, and Werner Krauss. Die Klimazwiebel (blog). http://klimazwiebel.blogspot.de/.

Die Klimazwiebel is a bilingual (German and English) climate blog started by a group of natural and social scientists in 2009. This year was a low point for the climate debate with “Climategate” and a failed COP 15 in Copenhagen. In a polarized climate blogosphere, with warners and skeptics alike, Die Klimazwiebel occupies middle ground and invites comments and insights from both camps. It seeks to be an “honest broker,” a concept that takes into account the interests of conflicting parties and dates back to Bismarck’s negotitation of peace in Europe. Over the years, it has covered climate summits up to the relatively successful COP 21 in Paris in 2016, as well as the scandals, rumors and controversies surrounding the climate debate. It also discusses graphs and models as well as climate within literature, art and poetry. In the seven years of its existence, it has evolved into a unique archive of the climate debate and a source for future researchers.  (Source: Werner Krauss)

Die Klimazwiebel is a collaboration between climate scientist Hans von Storch, paleoclimatologist Eduardo Zorita, sociologists Reiner Grundmann and Dennis Bray, and cultural anthropologist Werner Krauss.