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DEH: Digital Environmental Humanities (website).

Although following separate paths until recently, the digital and the environmental humanities share similar interests and goals in terms of asserting the importance of the humanities in today’s contemporary society, the nature of interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems, and the need to provide students with practical tools with which to live in this complex world. […] The current website is the first initiative of this larger research project that aims to use digital technology to promote the environmental humanities in Canada. […] While still a relatively new field, the environmental humanities are changing the way the humanities are done as are the digital humanities. (Text from DEH)

The Digital Environmental Humanities portal, launched at the McGill University in 2013, explores how new digital technologies might be better used to showcase environmental humanities research. Users can explore the variety of materials using three different keywords: research, analytic tools, and features. In the diverse sections one can find video presentations of projects, thematic resources, topic modeling visualizations, maps, links, and the Dig-EH Blog. The portal also hosts Pedagogical Adventures, in which are categorized methods of teaching the Digital Environmental Humanities. An exciting initiative is the Exhibits page, which brings together objects or non-human agents as a starting point for discussing complex histories and introducing new ideas.