Crosscurrents episode 4: “An Interview with Historian David Wilson”

Sandlos, John | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Crosscurrents (podcast)

Sandlos, John. “Episode 4: An Interview with Historian David Wilson.” Crosscurrents: A Podcast of the Nexus Center, 22 November 2018, MP3, 39:58.

David Wilson is a leading historian of modern Irish history and the history of the Irish in North America. A professor of history at the University of Toronto, Dr. Wilson has written books on subjects ranging from Irish radicalism in the early United States to the History of Irish nationalism in Canada. In Canada he is probably best known for his two volume study of the pivotal Confederation-era politician Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Dr. Wilson is also the General Editor of the multi-volume (and ever-expanding) Dictionary of Canadian Biography. He recently visited Memorial University to deliver the annual George Storey lecture. Despite a busy schedule, he managed to sit down with Memorial English Professor Danine Farquaharson to discuss his latest research on the Fenian underground in Canada, a group of Irish nationalists that organized several raids in Canada between 1866 and 1871, and also offer his thoughts on the current state of historical scholarship in the contemporary university. (Text from The Nexus Center)

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Crosscurrents is the podcast series of The Nexus Centre, meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. The series features interviews and group discussions with leading researchers in the faculty and across the university and is hosted by John Sandlos. 

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