Crosscurrents episode 3: Rose Ricciardelli

Sandlos, John | from Multimedia Library Collection:
Crosscurrents (podcast)

Sandlos, John. “Episode 3: Rose Ricciardelli.” Crosscurrents: A Podcast of the Nexus Center, 18 June 2018, MP3, 39:08.

In recent years, there has been an increase discussion of mental illness and mental health. Also, there have been cases which have shown that mental health issues may be particularly affecting public safety workers. Rose Ricciardelli is an Associate Professor at MUN, and has studied the mental health rates of correctional facility workers, and other public safety workers. In addition, she has studied the effects of remand prison time on people who have been incarcerated. In this podcast, John Sandlos talked with Rose Ricciardelli about her work. (Text from The Nexus Center)

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Crosscurrents is the podcast series of The Nexus Centre, meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. The series features interviews and group discussions with leading researchers in the faculty and across the university and is hosted by John Sandlos.

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