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Jasper National Park. Cover.

Jasper National Park. Cover. (Williams, Mabel Bertha, Jasper National Park. Ottawa: Department of the Interior, 1928. Published by the branch under its earlier name, Dominion Parks Branch. Public domain.)

This image appears in: MacEachern, Alan. “MB Williams: Living & Writing the Early Years of Parks Canada.” Environment & Society Portal, Virtual Exhibitions 2018, no. 2. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

To make some share of “the wild places of the land sacred,” is the avowed object of the national parks. Everywhere else the continent over, the swift tide of civilization rushes onward; the land our fathers knew disappears; the ancient forests fall before the lumberman; waterfalls are impoverished to turn the wheels of industry; the wild game is driven ever farther and farther back. But within the boundaries of the great national reservations lie a few thousand square miles, safe and inviolate, so far as it is within the power of man, from change and invasion. Of these national possessions in Canada the greatest is Jasper Park. (Text from Chapter 1)

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