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The Australian Environmental Humanities Hub is a central site for the gathering, dissemination and coordination of news and events in this emerging field. Universities with research/teaching in the Environmental Humanities are represented in the hub by a single contact who helps to ensure the flow of information and coordinate local activities where necessary. This Hub was established in 2014 in an effort to consolidate the considerable intellectual momentum in the Environmental Humanities in this country. Over the past several decades Australian scholars have played a significant role in the emergence and shaping of many of the environmental subfields in the humanities. In addition, we have played a leadership role in interdisciplinary ecological or environmental humanities scholarship, working to bring relevant humanities disciplines into dialogue with each other, the natural and social sciences, and wider communities. The aim of this Hub is to document and facilitate this work into the future. (Text from Australian Environmental Humanities Hub)

The Hub brings together both Australian and international environmental humanities members and news. It is convened by Professor Libby Robin, from the Australian National University, and Associate Professor Thom van Dooren, from the University of New South Wales. Anyone can contribute to the hub by submitting calls for papers, scholarships, job opportunities or other news.