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Full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and book reviews about the human-environment relationship.

Full-text books, excerpts, profiles, and book reviews about the human-environment relationship. Featured collections include environmental publishing house series, such as those from White Horse Press, Berghahn Books, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, and University of Pittsburgh Press, as well as H- Environment Roundtable book reviews.

Zwierlein, Cornel, <i>Der gezähmte Prometheus: Feuer und Sicherheit zwischen Früher Neuzeit und Moderne</i>

Der gezähmte Prometheus traces large fire catastrophes and the rise of the insurance business from its beginnings in fifteenth century Europe to its boom in nineteenth century globalized metropoles across the world.

Hasenöhrl, Ute,<i> Zivilgesellschaft und Protest: Eine Geschichte der Naturschutz- und Umweltbewegung in Bayern 1945–1980</i>

Through examining topics of nuclear energy and tourism, Zivilgesellschaft und Protest portrays the transitions towards radicalism in the Bavarian environmental movement from the end of the Second World War to the late 1970s.

Kaiser, Wolfram, and Jan-Henrik Meyer, eds., <i>International Organizations and Environmental Protection: Conservation and Globalization in the Twentieth Century</i>

International Organizations and Environmental Protection comprehensively explores the environmental activities of professional communities, NGOs, regional bodies, the United Nations, and other international organizations during the twentieth century. It follows their efforts to shape debates about environmental degradation, develop binding intergovernmental commitments, and—following the seminal 1972 Conference on the Human Environment—implement and enforce actual international policies.

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Olšáková, Doubravka, ed. <i>In the Name of the Great Work: Stalin's Plan for the Transformation of Nature and its Impact in Eastern Europe</i>

Beginning in 1948, the Soviet Union launched a series of wildly ambitious projects to implement Joseph Stalin’s vision of a total “transformation of nature.” By the time of Stalin’s death, however, these attempts at “transformation” had proven a spectacular failure. This richly detailed volume, In the Name of the Great Work follows the history of such projects in three communist states—Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia—and explores their varied, but largely disastrous, consequences.

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Markham, William, <i>Environmental Organizations in Modern Germany: Hardy Survivors in the Twentieth Century and Beyond</i>

Environmental Organizations in Modern Germany narrates the rise and adaptation of the German environmental movement, as well as its dilemmas and strategies to adjust to changing sociopolitical policies and contexts.