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Does wilderness exist in your linguistic region and what is the word for it? Or, if “wilderness” does not exist, what is the closest thing to it, and what is it called? What are the main characteristics of wilderness or its equivalent in your language? For example, how big is it, and what does it contain? What is your native language’s word for “wildlife”? Can human traces be found in this wilderness or near-wilderness? Show or describe some representative images of your wilderness equivalent. If humans live or visit here, what are their activities in it? Is your wilderness ordinarily warm or cold, rainy or snowy, serene or melodious? What smells come to mind? If possible, can you offer a short audio recording of this wilderness? Are there other sensory experiences or relevant weblinks that you can list to help portray your wilderness in a transnational and translingual context?

If you have answers to these questions, either for languages not yet represented on our map or as a response to already existing essays; if you want to say a word about how to avoid ruining this wilderness or how to maintain, protect, or restore it, please contact us at and propose a new entry! Or just add a comment.