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This nameplate from one of Leichhardt’s weapons is the only undisputed relic of the missing 1848 expedition.


Letter to his brother-in-law, Friedrich August Schmalfuß, Sydney (23 March 1842)

Leichhardt’s letters


Portrait of Dr. Leichhardt, the explorer. Illustration by William Nicholas (1807–1854), in: Heads of the People: An Illustrated Journal of Literature, Whims and Oddities, Sydney, 1847.

Leichhardt’s biography


Drawing of a bunya pine in Leichhardt’s field notebook

Indigenous knowledge


Specimen of an Australian fig tree, Ficus stephanocarpa, collected by Ludwig Leichhardt the British colony of New South Wales, 1842.

Botanical collection


The journey of the letters




Leichhardt’s legacy in northern Australia


Ornithological specimens from the Port Essington Expedition, 1944-45.

Zoological collections


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