The Environment & Society Portal is created by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC), a joint initiative of the LMU Munich (University of Munich) and the Deutsches Museum. The project is made possible thanks to the generous support of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. For their collaboration and advice on many aspects of the project, we owe special thanks to the Bavarian State Library and our international partners.

Environment & Society Portal team (October 2016):
Iris Trautmann, Kimberly Coulter, Katrin Kleemann, Ruhi Deol

Environment & Society Portal Core Team
Kimberly Coulter, Director
Iris Trautmann, Digital Humanities Research Specialist
Katrin Kleemann, Research Associate (Managing Editor of Arcadia, Virtual Exhibitions coordinator)
Ruhi Deol, Research Associate (Multimedia Library manager, Virtual Exhibitions coordinator)

We especially thank the directors of the Rachel Carson Center, Christof Mauch and Helmuth Trischler; our satellite team members editor Brenda Black, Arcadia curator Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, and RCC librarian Martin Spenger; and our RCC colleagues, including Anna Amarotti, Marcus Andreas, Julia Blanc, Ewald Blocher, Abigail Bogaarts, Suzanne Bruins, Andrea Cooke, Marielle Dado, Susanne Darabas, Michael Del Vecchio, Marc Elie, Hannah Emerson, Robert Emmett, Eliza Encheva, Paul Erker, Stefan Esselborn, Andreas Grieger, Achmad Hawi, Arielle Helmick, Kristin von Heyking, Sophia Hoerl, Stephanie Hood, Maria Ilker, Arda Isildar, Franz Langer, Annka Liepold, Janosch Killian, Agnes Kneitz, Dominic Kotas, Miriam Kronester, Patrick Kupper, Oliver Liebig, Felix Mauch, Kirsty McCluskey, Ash Milton, Angelika Moeller, Katharina Müller, Ursula Münster, Shruti Neelakantan, Amanda Norrlander, Jonatan Palmblad, Emilie Perault, Isabelle Plessis, J. Jesse Ramirez, Claudia Reusch, Anja Rieser, Katie Ritson, Samantha Rothbart, Paul Senker, Maeve Storey, Benjamin Tendler, Franziska Torma, Frank Uekoetter, Ivan Vilovic, Ruscha Voormann, Hannah Walker, Alexa Weik von Mossner, Sonja Weinbuch, Claudia Whiteus, Nana Williams, and Harriet Windley.

Development and Design
We thank Christian Schnabl and Max Sterz (42robots) for their capable and insightful work on the Portal's development since 2013. Dan Pettet, our "IT superhero," led the Portal's IT development from its inception through its first year live. Sebastian Fuchs of Fuchs Webservices, Florian Loretan of Wunderkraut, Chris Duell of Subooa, and Stefan Lau of Stefan Lau Webdesign provided assistance in the project's early stages. Our thanks to the innovative Aline Neumann and Patrick Schwab of PANDA for their web and interaction design.

Special thanks to our colleagues at our partner institutions for their collaboration and advice:
Wilhelm Füßl, Matthias Röschner, Helmut Hilz, Christian Knoop, and Ludwig Schletzbaum of the Deutsches Museum; Gregor Horstkemper, Max Schreiber, Lilian Landes, and Monika Doering of the Bavarian State Library; Finn Arne Jørgensen, Julia Lajus, Christof Mauch, Timo Myllantaus, and Verena Winiwarter of the European Society for Environmental History; Michael Greif of Ecomove International; James Grossman and Doug Knox of the Newberry Library; and Louise Bernard and Rebekah Irwin of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.

For sharing their best practices and providing creative suggestions, we additionally thank:
Frank Biasi, Arno Bosse, Dan Cohen, Jim Clifford, Hubertus Kohle, Karsten Kuehnel, Alan MacEachern, Sara McNeil, Darren Milligan, Grégory Quenet, Bill Turkel, Gordon Winder, and Volker Zapf.