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Viennese city dwellers get rescued after massive floodings in 1847. Source: ONB/Wien Bildarchiv Pk 3.662

Human societies have always had a close relationship with water. Water is as much humanity's most existential resource as it is one of its greatest threats as source of floods or diseases. In order to address the centrality of water in environmental history this ever expanding Arcadia collection presents some of the most interesting stories from around the globe that deal particularly with this love-hate relationship of humans and water.

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Cosmopolitan Trout: The 1883 Fisheries Exhibition and the Global Expansion of Fish Culture
Del Vecchio, Michael Arcadia 2013, no. 21
Munich and Its Isar River: A Rafting Port on an Alpine River
Jochum, Georg Arcadia 2013, no. 18
Losing the Unruly Stream: Kondopoga and the Kivach Waterfall
Suzi, Grigory Arcadia 2013, no. 11
St. Petersburg and Its Backbone: The Neva River as Gateway to Europe and the Sword of Damocles
Kraikovski, Alexei Arcadia 2013, no. 10
The St. Petersburg Cholera Riot of 1831: Water Pollution and Social Tension
Kraikovski, Alexei Arcadia 2013, no. 9
The North Sea Flood of 1953
Hall, Alexander Arcadia 2013, no. 5
The Great Fear: The Polesine Flood of 1951
Hardenberg, Wilko Graf von Arcadia 2013, no. 3
The Struggle with the River: Vienna and the Danube from 1500 to the Present
Hohensinner, Severin Arcadia 2012, no. 19
Bold State Effort Fails to Control Floods in Fourteenth-century Roussillon
Hoffmann, Richard Arcadia 2012, no. 16
Atlantropa – Endless Energy from the Mediterranean Sea
Mauch, Felix Arcadia 2012, no. 9
Disaster Ahead: How Danube Floods Created Telegraph Networks
Neundlinger, Michael Arcadia 2012, no. 7
The Great Flood of 1962 in Hamburg
Mauch, Felix Arcadia 2012, no. 6
Rioting Townsmen Destroy Abbey’s Salmon Weir in Medieval Scotland
Hoffmann, Richard Arcadia 2012, no. 5
London’s New River
van Lieshout, Carry Arcadia 2012, no. 3
Expecting Disaster: The 1963 Landslide of the Vajont Dam
Hardenberg, Wilko Graf von Arcadia 2011, no. 8